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Okami Amaterasu

Okami Amaterasu

Okami is one of the most influential games I’ve played, and one of the few that I started over again immediately after finishing it. Even though it wasn’t a commercial success, it still makes Top Ten lists over and over – with good reason. Everything from the music to the gameplay lended to a fantastic experience.

Best of all, it’s getting an HD release later this year.

New Site –!

  • By Steve
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  • On 14 Jul | 2012
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9999 Damage now has it’s own domain! After a long life on Blogger, I’ve decided to move on, install WordPress, and go it alone.

All my new content will be uploaded here from now on. I’ll be leaving the Blogger site up for now, but I’ll be transferring all posts from there to here. As before, this site will be dedicated to my just-for-fun projects, outside of any professional work.