Kraken Attack

Attack Kraken

A while back, a friend of mine found a discarded painting on the side of the road. He suggested that I “improve” it, and this was the result. The “painting” is one of those relief prints meant to mimic real paintings (this one originally came from Eatons, according to a sticker on the back). I painted the Kraken on top with acrylics. A fun project, but ultimately too large to hang anywhere in the apartment.

Here is what it looked like before I added the Kraken. You have to admit, it seems like it’s missing something…

Original Painting

I was even famous on Reddit for a day. Many thanks to Stacy for that!

Update! Prints of various sizes and finishes are now available here.

18. July 2012 by Steve
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  2. Do you still have this painting? If so, are you willing to sell it?

    • Indeed I do! It’s in storage right now, after unsuccessful attempts to hang it somewhere in the apartment. I’m not selling the original (it’s too big to ship), but I do have prints if you’re interested.

  3. How big are the prints? And how much?

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  5. I’d love a print when you do them please :)

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  7. Where can I buy a print of this….I need it in my life? Thanks

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  10. My wife and I have 3 kids. We love what you did here. What other prints do you have available? We like each of them. Kraken and Domokun monsters the best.

  11. Also interested in a print, email me please

  12. I’m also interested in a print, please email me

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