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Leduc Self Protrait WIP

After many hours of researching and many more hesitating, I finally bought a Yiynova MSP19U digitizer display. Suffice to say, I am not disappointed.

While it took a few warm up sketches to get used to the frictionless glass surface, the MSP19U has proven to be more sensitive and more responsive than my Intuos4 tablet. I can get finer lines without reducing the brush size, and there’s less lag when using larger brushes.

If you’ve been sitting on the fence deciding whether or not to pick up a MSP19U, I can assure you it’s well worth it. Now that I don’t have to hit Ctrl+Z every other brush stroke, I was able to draft the above in half the time it would have taken me with my Intuos tablet.

Auror Harry Potter

Suggestions for J.K. Rowling when writing the series: Harry wields two wands named “Grimrod” and “the Gentleman”, Ron gets an eye-patch, and a chain-smoking Neville quips plant-related puns before dispatching dark wizards.

Kraken Attack

Sea Monster Attack_flat_small

A while back, a friend of mine found a discarded painting on the side of the road. He suggested that I “improve” it, and this was the result. The “painting” is one of those relief prints meant to mimic real paintings (this one originally came from Eatons, according to a sticker on the back). I painted the Kraken on top with acrylics. A fun project, but ultimately too large to hang anywhere in the apartment.

Here is what it looked like before I added the Kraken. You have to admit, it seems like it’s missing something…

Original Painting

I was even famous on Reddit for a day. Many thanks to Stacy for that!

Update! Prints of various sizes and finishes are now available here.

Okami Amaterasu

Okami Amaterasu

Okami is one of the most influential games I’ve played, and one of the few that I started over again immediately after finishing it. Even though it wasn’t a commercial success, it still makes Top Ten lists over and over – with good reason. Everything from the music to the gameplay lended to a fantastic experience.

Best of all, it’s getting an HD release later this year.